SpeakPlus au Big Booster Boston 2017

Big Booster: what an adventure!

The very last stage of the Big Booster (an international startups acceleration program) took place in Lyon on April 5th, ending an incredible adventure that lasted over 6 months. It is time for us to highlight the exceptional help from the people who accompanied us during this program!

First stage: the Bootcamp in Lyon!


ciro-jean-paniza-xavier-barry-pitch-big-booster-camp-speakplus-784x441On November 18th, the announcement of the startup qualification for the next stage of the Big Booster contest brought us to our feet!

A success made possible by the great help of our mentors: François Dufour, Olivier Althuser, Sylvain Brissot and Christophe Simon.

During that first Bootcamp in Lyon, the Booster Crew helped us improve our pitch thanks to valuable advice. We were able to completely rethink our presentation in order to highlight the key elements of our company. Those precious lessons will stay with us as we develop our startup. We want to thank the Booster Crew which gave us time and support all the way to the final round.

We also bounded with the two other startups which were part of our bootcamp team. The first one, Ark, represented by its CTO Hugo Loi, and Iplatea Inc whose Chief Sales Officer Pei ZHI LIOU was a real support during the adventure.

The wonderful Pei is now learning Spanish on SpeakPlus with one of our Spanish coaches, Lucía!

Second stage: off to Boston!

xavier-Barry-SpeakPlus-Big-Booster-2017-1-784x588Three months later, in February, we were on to the next stage of the Big Booster program: the Bootcamp in Boston.

Our CTO, Xavier Barry flew all the way across the Atlantic. This time, SpeakPlus had to pitch in front of an American audience, an easy task for our multilingual startup!

We tested the way we pitch SpeakPlus with American experts, and receive advice to give an even more powerful introduction. The Boston bootcamp was also rich in professional meetings thanks to the partners of the event such as Philips Research, Labcentral and MassChallenge.

MassChallenge is the biggest startup accelerator of the United States. It is also an official partner of the Big Booster program and took a big part in its development. We truly thank them for the warm welcome and the help provided.

The 20 startups selected for this American bootcamp include our partner Nouveal, an innovative startup in the e-health sector and active user of the SpeakPlus platform. We would also like to thank their exceptional team and wish them all the best in their venture. You will find their vision of the Big Booster here!

Third stage: the finale in Lyon!


20170405_200003_311-784x523Six months later, the final of the Big Booster was held in Lyon on April 5th. The opportunity for us to meet with the Big Booster crew one last time. We especially want to thank Smita Mohanty, Anne Marie Graffin, Carole Ecochard and Juliette De Sarnez for their kindness and hard work. They made the Big Booster program a decisive moment in the history of SpeakPlus. We would also like to thank Didier Hoch for all the tremendous energy he has put into the organization of the program.

We also would like to congratulate the winners of this contest: Fineheart, Gulplug, Sylfen and the jury’s special prize : In Touch. During this final, we had the opportunity to discuss the benefits of the program with Gérard Collomb (mayor of Lyon) and Juliette Barry. This program has allowed us to increase our brand’s awareness and as well as to generate new business opportunities for the company.

We are keeping in touch with all the other finalists. We are very happy about the friendships we made in Lyon and in Boston. And we keep on helping each other!

Thank you all for your support! :)


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