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The French vocabulary you will need from the airport to the hotel

Vacations are about to start and the time has come to take off towards new horizons and to be dazzled by all of the world’s beauty ! But don’t get excited yet, you still have to go through the airport to be able to land in front of this crazy hotel you booked months ago. Well, not really “in front” of it though, you still have to find your way from the airport to the hotel first, which might not be that easy when you’re abroad … SpeakPlus is here to help and to give you useful vocabulary to survive from the airport to your hotel room!

1. From the departure airport to the plane

Sans titre-EReady? Steady? Go! Your passport is in your hand as you enter the airport, ready to leave for your destination. You are super excited as you walk towards the check-in desk. Next stop: the departure gate, ready to take off!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board.  This is Captain SpeakPlus speaking and I have some information about our flight”. Information about the flight? Well, that is good because we had some questions!

How long does the flight take? 
Quelle est la durée du vol ?

Is my flight on time ?
Est-ce que mon vol est à l’heure ?

If you feel a little hungry during the flight…

Excuse me, is it possible to order some food / order a drink ?  How much is it ?
Excusez-moi, est-il possible de commander à manger / commander à boire ? Combien cela coûte-t-il ?

Ladies and gentlemen we are about to land in Los Angeles. It is 4PM and the outside temperature is 91°F with a little wind coming from the coast. Please remain seated until the complete stop of the plane. We hope you had a good flight with SpeakPlus today”.

2. From the arrival airport to the hotel

take the taxi or the bus in french vocabulary

You are finally in the city of your dreams, but it is not time to chill yet! You now have to find a way to reach your home during your stay … All roads might lead to Rome, but a little knowledge of the target language can always be useful!

If you are trying to go somewhere, you might need to ask for directions:

Excuse me, how can I get to …?
Excusez-moi, savez-vous comment je peux me rendre à … ?

Which bus would I have to take to go to…? Where is the bus stop?
Quel bus dois-je prendre pour aller à …? Où se trouve l’arrêt de bus ?

How much is a ticket?
Combien coûte un ticket ?

At what time does the bus leave?
A quelle heure part le bus ?

And if you need to take a cab…

Where can I get a taxi?
Où puis-je prendre un taxi ?

Could you please tell me how much is the ride to…?
Pourriez-vous s’il vous plaît m’indiquer le prix de la course pour aller …  ?

3. At the hotel reception desk

french questions hotel reception desk

Hello, I booked a room under the name of …
Bonjour, j’ai réservé une chambre au nom de ….

or if you have not booked a room yet…

Hello, is it possible to book a room for … night(s)?
Bonjour, est-il possible de réserver une chambre pour … nuit(s) ?

Is breakfast included? At what time is the breakfast served?
Le petit-déjeuner est-il inclus ? A quelle heure est-il servi ?

When do we have to check-out?
A quelle heure devons-nous libérer la chambre ?

Is it possible to leave my suitcase at the reception?
Est-ce que je peux laisser ma valise à la réception ?

There you go! You are ready to have the vacations of a lifetime! See you in the next article to discover how to communicate in French restaurants and bars 😉 A bientôt!

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