Lyon: a “feel-good” weekend at the heart of Europe

The 2016 World Travel Awards took place on September 4th and our city Lyon, has been promoted best destination for a get away weekend in Europe! Happy with the news, we would like to share with you the top things to do and the places you really can’t miss! Come enjoy the wide range of choices our beloved city has to offer and there is something for everyone:

  • For the History lover: The Old Lyon

Any real tourist has to come to the wonderful old district of Lyon. Its cute little shops, traditional restaurants, picturesque courtyards and secret passages will amaze you and take you back in time. Walk down its cobblestone lanes to go back in history and visit the beautiful Saint-Jean Cathedral. Don’t forget to drink a beer in one of its famous English or Irish pubs where you will be able to practice your English.

  • For the trendsetter: Confluence

le_po%cc%82le_de_loisirs_et_de_commerces_lyon_confluence_10749529293Confluence offers a complete different atmosphere. With its futuristic architecture and its famous Museum shaped like a boat, this area will facinate you! If you are a shopping addict, you will love its Mall and its movie theater featuring movies in English. Bonus, Confluence will make available a 100% electric silent and autonomous shuttle! Lyon : an innovative city.

  • For the artist: The Opera Nouvel

In the heart of the city, you will find the Opera, a true architectural masterpiece. Let yourself be amazed by its dome designed by Jean Nouvel. If you are a dance lover, don’t miss “La Biennale de la Danse” which will take place from the 14th to the 30th of September all around the city!

  • For the Shopaholic: Bellecour and the Presqu’Ile

lyon-1273841_960_720For our ladies and gentlemen who enjoy shopping for hours while sipping on their takeaway coffee: Bellecour is made for you! Walk down the Rue du Président Edouard Herriot to find the nicest shops. Walk until the Place des Jacobins where you can find many luxury shops and finally head to the huge place Bellecour, one of the biggest pedestrian squares in Europe.

  • For the criminologist: Interpol Headquarters

If you’ve ever seen a spy movie, you definitely know Interpol, the worldwide organization that facilitates international police cooperation. Did you know that its headquarters are located in Lyon, in the heart of the Cité Internationale. By the way, on September 7th, the organization celebrates its 93rd birthday!

  • For the nature friendly : the Parc de la Tête D’or

1280px-enfants_du_rho%cc%82ne_gate_-_parc_de_la_te%cc%82te_dor_-_dsc05284Do you feel like visiting the biggest urban park in France? Go to La Tête D’Or located in the north of city. This big piece of nature in the middle of the city will dazzle you for sure! There’s so many things to do! Rent a boat to cross the lake, visit its zoo and its botanical garden, take a selfie in the rose garden or hunt Pokemons with your friends!



  • For the sailor: the banks of the Rhône

Boats, ducks and waves lovers, Lyon will please you! Surrounded by two rivers, the Presqu’Ile offers numerous places where you can chill out. Whether it’s for a nice time with friends, a run or a nap, you will fall in love with the banks of the river. We strongly recommend you to visit one of the barges for a friendly moments on the water!

  • For the adventurer:  Croix-Rousse

Croix-Rousse hill is a charming place … as long as you don’t get lost! Go around this real maze made of cute and atypical streets. Climb the stairs, and be surprised by all the mysteries of this unique and poetic place.

  • For the climber: Fourvière Hill

quais_du_rho%cc%82ne_et_arbre_a_fleurs_a_lyonA ride on the funicular will take you to the heights of Lyon, where lies the breathtaking Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. This place will offer you a panoramic view on the entire city. Walk around the Parc des hauteurs and visit the huge antique theater which welcomes the Nuits de Fourvières, a festival dedicated to the scenic arts every year.

  • For the gourmet : les bouchons Lyonnais

As you may be aware, Lyon is food capital of the world. Whether you are on the Presqu’Ile or in the Old Lyon, you will find lots of “Bouchons Lyonnais”, typical and delicious traditional restaurants. Don’t forget to visit the Halles Paul Bocuse, a market where you can taste the best of local cuisine. For more informations, we advice you to use our Holy Website : Le Petit Paumé.

  • For the hipster : The nightlife made in Lyon

One thing is certain: Lyon is a young and dynamic city. If you like going out at night and banging your head to techno, you will have the time of your life! We advice you to have a tour on the rooftop of the Sucre (a club created by Agoria and Laurent Garnier himself) or to go dancing at the Petit Salon. Lyon is also filled with unusual and affordable bars: all you need to have a really good time (in moderation, of course!)

  • For the soccer lover: The Olympique Lyonnais Park

parc_olIf you like soccer: Lyon got what you need! The OL park, inaugurated in January 2016 welcomed lots of games during the Euro and is now the place to be for any fan that wants to vibrate during important sports events. Lyon is also known for its basketball team,the Asvel. The club belongs to Tony Parker and is the pride of our city!

To conclude … SpeakPlus loves Lyon, this beautiful and dynamic city that strikes towards innovation and creativity. A single weekend wouldn’t be enough to appreciate all of its beauty, believe us, you’ll come back! To learn more, feel free to visit the website of the Tourist Office!

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