New York: get the best bite of the Big Apple!

A few weeks ago, our English teacher Trina showed us the green side of New York. However, we knew you were also dying to hear more about the Big Apple in a more “tourist-friendly-but-not-too-much” kind of way! Are you getting ready to leave for New York? Here are our must-see, must-do and must-eat!


If you’ve been able to keep a childish mind, don’t miss a trip to Coney Island! This Californian vibe in the middle of New York will seduce you with its amusent park, its aquarium and its beach that will make you forget the skyscrapers around you. Have an ice cream as you stroll down the shore but stay away from the fire-eater!

If you are addicted to shopping, you HAVE to go to Fifth Avenue! Be dazzled by the beautiful showcases of shops such as Tiffany & Co, Sack or Cartier. You’ll fell just like Carrie Bradshaw! But don’t worry, there are still plenty of affordable shops!

If the Brooklyn Bridge is too mainstream for you, you should take the Williamsburg Bridge that will offer you a better view and take you to the most hype place in Brooklyn! Fall in love with Williamsburg’s artsy mood and its colorful inhabitants! Bedford Avenue is full of cute cafes and shops that will delight you!


Oh Times Square! Probably one of the rarest places in the world where you can feel like it is daytime all night long. You will never forget the first time you see those hundreds of lights. Take a moment to seat on its stairs et feel really small. If you fancy it, you can even go to Broadway to attend a musical! Want our advice? Go see Wicked!


You’ve been seeing her your entire life, it is now time to finally meet her! Take a boat to Liberty Island where you will be able to visit the Statut Of Liberty. For just 20$ you will have another view on the  beautiful Skyline of Manhattan.


Have you seen the movie “The Day After”? “I am a legend”? “Avengers” or “Quantico”? Then you have to go visit Grand Central to see with your own eyes the train station that directors love to destroy. Be amazed by its beautiful ceiling and go to the lower level to discover lots of restaurants that will make your mouth water. Don’t forget to go to Shake Shack to have one of the most famous hamburgers of the East Coast!

Central Park isn’t enough? You need more green landscapes in the middle of the concrete? The High Line is exactly what you’re looking for! Built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side, this place will offer you an unusual walk in the middle of the skyscrapers.

Even though the infamous yellow cabs of the city are pretty tempting, we advice you to go around New York using the subway. Its hallways are full of artists: singers, breakdancers, painters … The electrical mood of New York’s Subway will surprise you for sure!


You might have seen it hundreds of times, you will never get tired of it: The New York Skyline. Wether you’ve already been to New York or not, you recognize it every time. The Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center, or The Chrysler Building are part of those skyscrapers you’ve been dreaming of forever. Don’t even try to go through hours of waiting time to get to the top of the Empire State Building. You should choose the Rockefeller Center as your point of view, and you’ll enjoy an amazing panorama that will stay in your mind forever.


If, just like Blair Waldorf, you’re lucky enough to sit on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum, take a step further and get inside. You’ll be able to time travel thanks to its amazing exhibits full of History. Don’t forget to check out the  Museum of Modern Art ( MoMA)!


Obviously, a trip to New York wouldn’t be complete without a walk in the most famous park of the world: Central Park. Rent a bike and go around its 341 hectares ! In winter, feel free to go ice skating, or get tanned in the grass during summer! This majestic and incredible place is full of activities that will make your stay an unforgettable moment.

Are you a sport person? Then you have to go see a baseball match at the Yankee Stadium! Tickets can be bought for a reasonable price and will allow you to have a hot dog next to the nicest New Yorkers that, believe us, know how to cheer!


Feel like travelling even more? In the Lower Manhattan you’ll find China Town and Little Italy, two atypical districts that will make you ask yourself “am I still in America?”. You have to go there if you want to witness and understand New York’s impressive melting pot!

There you go! You are ready to fall in love with New York! We leave you with a bit of Sinatra, and wish you bon voyage!


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