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The Spanish vocabulary you will need from the airport to the hotel

Previously on the SpeakPlus blog, we created a little guide on all the French vocabulary needed from the airport to the hotel. We come back today with the same guide translated in Spanish! Spain, South America, Balearic and Canary Islands’… Let’s go on vacation!

1. From the departure airport to the plane

Ready? Steady? Go! Your passport is still in your hand as you enter the airport, ready to leave for your destination. You are super excited as you walk towards “el mostrador de facturación” (check-in desk). Next stop: la puerta de embarque (the departure gate), ready to take off!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board.  This is Captain SpeakPlus speaking and I have some information about our flight”. Information about the flight? Well, that is good because we had some questions!

How long does the flight take? 
¿Cuánto tiempo dura el vuelo ?

Is it a direct flight or with intermediate stops?
¿Es un vuelo directo o con escala?

If you feel a little hungry during the flight…

Excuse me, is it possible to order some food / order a drink ?  How much is it ?
¿Discúlpeme, es posible pedir algo de comer /de beber? ¿Cuánto cuesta?

Ladies and gentlemen we are about to land in Madrid. It is 4PM and the outside temperature is 91°F with a little wind coming from the coast. Please remain seated until the complete stop of the plane. We hope you had a good flight with SpeakPlus today”.

2. From the arrival airport to the hotel

prendre le taxi et prendre le bus en anglais

You are finally in the city of your dreams, but it is not time to chill yet! You now have to find a way to reach your home during your stay … All roads might lead to Rome, but a little knowledge of the target language can always be useful!

If you are trying to go somewhere, you might need to ask for directions:

Excuse me, how can I get to …?
¿Disculpa,  sabés como puedo ir del aeropuerto hasta mi hotel / piso?

Which train would I have to take to go to…? Where is the station?
¿Cuál metro tengo que tomar para ir a…? ¿Dónde está la parada?

How much is a ticket?
¿Cuánto cuesta un billete ?

At what time does the train leave?
¿A qué hora sale el próximo metro?

And if you need to take a cab…

Where can I get a taxi?
¿Dónde puedo tomar un taxi?

Could you please tell me how much is the ride to…?
¿Podrías indicarme el precio del trayecto, por favor?

3. At the hotel reception desk

questions anglais réception hôtelHello, I booked a room under the name of …
Hola. Tengo una reserva bajo el nombre de…

or if you have not booked a room yet…

Hello, I would like to book a room for … night(s), please.
Hola. Quisiera reservar una habitación por… noche(s), por favor.

Is breakfast included? At what time is the breakfast served?
¿El desayuno está incluido en la tarifa? ¿A qué hora y dónde se toma?

When do we have to check-out?
¿Cuál es la hora de salida de la habitación?

Is it possible to leave my suitcase at the reception?
¿Puedo dejar mi maleta en la recepción?

Here is your key.
Aquí está la llave.

Spanish vocabulary – 30 useful words you will need from the airport to the hotel

Airport: aeropuerto
Airline company: compaña aérea
Passport: pasaporte
Customs duty: Derechos de aduana
Check-in: registro
Boarding pass: tarjeta de embarque
Overweight: exceso de peso
Screen: pantalla
Delay: retraso
Seat: siège
Duration of the flight: duración de vuelo
To take off and to land: Décoller et atterrir
Pilot : pilot
Flight attendant: azafata

Conveyor-belt: cinta (de recogida)
Hand luggage: equipaje de mano
Checked luggage: equipaje facturado
Luggage compartment: bodega
Luggage tag: etiquetas para equipaje
Insurance: seguro

To book: reservar
To cancel: cancelar
Single room: habitación simple
Two single beds: dos camas simples
Double room: habitación doble
Full board: pensión completa
Half-bord: media pensión
Restaurant: restaurante
Chamber maid: criada de habitacione


There you go! You are ready to have the vacation of a lifetime! ¡Hasta muy pronto!

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